Amazon Mws License Agreement

You acknowledge that we will communicate primarily with you by email or by posting messages on the portal. You agree that all agreements, communications, communications and other communications that we make available to you electronically meet all legal requirements for these communications to be made in writing. With the utmost respect under the law, Amazon may monitor and disclose all electronic communications you make in connection with the portal if you believe in good faith that this is necessary to ensure compliance with this agreement and to protect the rights, rights and interests of Amazon or third parties. Go to and click Save for MWS I`m the administrator of the seller`s central account, I can access “A Developer`s Authorization” and everything I need, but the problem I understood that the link might prevent is that I don`t have the “Accept with a MWS license agreement” field if I`m following the process of adding a developer to the account. There is often a screen that you get while you are responsible for the developer`s actions by adding the option to activate two boxes with check, one to approve the MWS license agreement, the other that says you are responsible for the developer`s actions, but I only have the second option to check, even if it allows me to continue the process. If a portion of these conditions is found invalid or unenforceable in accordance with existing legislation, the invalid or unenforceable provision is replaced by a valid and enforceable provision that best corresponds to the intent of the original provision, and the rest of these conditions remain in effect. Amazon may at any time surrender all or part of these conditions without notice. You cannot cede these terms on the portal or, if necessary, cede, transfer or sublicensed your rights. Section titles are exclusively intended for the simplicity of the parties and have no legal or contractual significance. 5. Click the Next button to add to the page license agreement. Accept Amazon`s market economy license agreements and click the Next.6 button.

At the end of the process, Amazon generates your account credentials. You see a “seller identifier” and a “MWS tokens.” Welcome to the Amazon Developer Services portal. Services LLC, Amazon Media EU LLP and/or its associated companies (“Amazon” or “we”) provide you (if you use or register as an individual) or to the organization you represent (if you use or register a business) (“you”) for your use in connection with our Amazon Developer Program.) at the disposal of the European Union. By visiting the portal or registering as a portal user, you agree to the terms and declare that you are entitled to be you or the company you represent. Please read these conditions carefully. These terms, along with an agreement on Amazon`s development services (“Developer Agreement”) and a privacy agreement between you and Amazon, constitute the entire agreement between you and Amazon regarding the use of the portal.

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