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The contract with CureVac is in line with the EU`s supply contracts with AstraZeneca AZN. L, Johnson and Johnson JNJ. N, Sanofi SASY. PA and Pfizer PFE. N for a set of 1.4 billion doses of their potential vaccines. SEBASTIAN Fischer, spokesman for the COUNCIL of the EU, called the agreement an “agreement for Europe.” The EU has reached an agreement with the US company Moderna for 160 million doses of its experimental vaccine. Meanwhile, Russian vaccine manufacturers Sputnik-V said their Jab was 95% effective. DW completes the latest news. On 14 August, the European Commission reached an initial agreement with the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca to purchase a potential vaccine against coronavirus and to donate or transfer vaccines to other European countries or to other low- and middle-income countries. On 27 August, the first contract negotiated by the Commission with a pharmaceutical company on behalf of EU Member States came into force after the formal signing between AstraZeneca and the Commission. AstraZeneca`s vaccine candidate has already entered large-scale Phase II/III clinical studies after promising Phase I/II safety and immunogenicity results.

Once the coronavirus vaccine has proven safe and effective, the Commission has agreed to purchase 300 million doses of vaccine on behalf of The Member States, with an additional option to purchase 100 million doses. The agreement is funded by the emergency aid instrument and the Commission continues to discuss similar agreements with other vaccine producers. Political agreement in negotiations on the long-term budget and the EU reconstruction plan The political agreement reached is an important step towards a strengthened exit from the crisis together. THE REACT-EU will ensure that European regions, particularly those most affected by the pandemic, receive rapid additional funds to invest in a green, digital and stable economy over the next two years. He called on EU member states to “cooperate” and added: “We need to refocus and implement this agreement.” At the time, EU Council President Charles Michel touted the agreement as a “magic moment,” describing it as “unprecedented” because access to cash depended on countries that follow the rule of law. “I am pleased to announce a new agreement to buy up to 405 million doses of a vaccine from the European company CureVac,” said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, adding that the contract was negotiated after EU funds were allocated to the company to develop its vaccine. (;actions=;categories=;keyword=covid;programme=null) In addition, on 2 April, the Commission adopted guidelines for cross-border health cooperation between national, regional and local authorities. The aim is to facilitate the transfer of patients from one Member State to another, to help qualified medical staff to provide assistance in other Member States and to reduce the burden that the current epidemic has imposed on national health systems. The guidelines include rules for cross-border patient mobility, measures to reimburse health costs and encourage national authorities to use existing bilateral and regional agreements.

Applications for cross-border health care are coordinated by the Commission`s Committee on Health Safety, and months of battle with the EU`s early warning and response system have resulted in a 2021-2027 budget agreement. It will open the door to green investments, but also to coronavirus funds.

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