Zambian Law Tenancy Agreement

11. The landlord`s opposition to the request for a new lease 20. Any agreement on a tenancy agreement to which this Act applies (whether or not it is included in the act of creating the lease) is invalid insofar as it purports to prevent the tenant from making an application or application under this Act or provides for the termination or abandonment of the tenancy agreement in the event of an application or application. , or for the imposition of a penalty or liability against the tenant in this case. 3. Subject to paragraph 4, no application is made under section 4 paragraph 1, paragraph 1, unless it is submitted less than two months or more than four months after the lessor is notified in accordance with Section 5 or, if so, after the tenant has submitted a new tenancy agreement. 2. In this section, “lessor” means the person applying for possession or application for a new lease, and the term “tenant” refers to the person who is the subject of the order of possession or who has been denied a new lease. A lease is a contract, and you need to understand the lease and understand what you agree to before you enter into it.

The unfortunate truth is that most people don`t read any contact or do not do it before they sign. This is an extremely dangerous attitude when it comes to written leases. (9) If the court hearing an appeal under section 4 of the Act excludes, by section 1 of the Act, the granting of a new lease for any of the reasons mentioned in section 1 of paragraph 1 of the Act, the order of rejection must indicate all the reasons why the court excludes it. (c) with the exception of this section, termination or application would result in the termination of the lease before the expiry of the three-month period beginning from the date the application is permanently withdrawn; 2. The provisions of paragraph 1 do not prevent a lease being terminated by termination by termination by surrender or forfeiture or by forfeiture of a superior lease. 2. Where the tenant of a building is a tenant under a lease agreement, as mentioned in section 1, paragraph 1, of Section 6, to one of the persons mentioned in the subsection (3), a notification in the prescribed form required, it is an obligation for that person to inform the tenant in writing within one month of served termination. how it can end the lease in good shape. Wise. In the event that the tenant cannot properly terminate the tenancy agreement, they must know the legal implications and know what happens to their deposit. The end of a tenancy agreement depends on why the tenant leaves and the type of rental agreement the tenant has (fixed or periodic?).

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