Adobe Acrobat Dc End User License Agreement

16.2 Additional terms of use for software in advance. If the software is a pre-marketing version or beta software (“pre-release software”), this section applies. Preversion software is not an Adobe end product and may contain errors, errors and other problems that can cause system errors or other errors and data. Adobe should never publish pre-release software commercially. If the customer received the preversion software in accordance with a separate written agreement, such as. B.dem Adobe Systems Incorporated`s licensing agreement for preversion software, the Customer`s use of the Software is also subject to the agreement. The customer will immediately return or dispose of all copies of the preversion software at Adobe`s request or after Adobe commercially releases the software. CUSTOMER USE OF PRE-RELEASE SOFTWARE IS ON ITS OWN RISK. SEE SECTIONS 6 AND 8 FOR LIMITED WARRANTY AND LIABILITY ENSONEN LIMITATIONS FOR PRE-RELEASE SOFTWARE. 16.10 Contribute Publishing Services. Subject to the end-user license agreement for the Contribute Publishing Services software that contributes to this software, the customer is not allowed to connect to the Contribute Publishing Services software, unless the customer has purchased a license to connect to this publishing services software contributes to anyone who can connect to this contribution publishing services software; provided, however, that trial versions of Adobe Contribute software can be installed in accordance with the end-user license agreement of The Contribute Publishing Services software and that they can be connected to the Contribute Publishing Services software. Unless otherwise stated in a separate agreement between Adobe and a software taker, Adobe guarantees the person or entity that first purchases a license for the software for use under the terms of this agreement that the software will be run, essentially, in accordance with the appropriate software usage manual, for the shorter period of (a) the period of ninety (90) days or (b) the validity of the license after receipt of the software (“guarantee period”). when they are on the compatible computer.

A non-substantial change in the performance of the user manual does not create a warranty right. This restricted warranty does not apply to the following points made available by AS-IS and without Adobe`s warranty: (i) patches; (ii) police software; (iii) preversion software, trial version, start-up, evaluation, product sampler, evaluation software and copies of the software not available for resale; (iv) Adobe`s websites, online services; and third-party online services; v) certified documentation services (see section 16); and (vi) software, which is provided free of charge by Adobe by web download from an Adobe website.

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