All Australian Free Trade Agreements

In addition, the advice received during the consultation reiterated a number of key themes. Many stakeholders spoke of the importance of protecting public services, particularly with regard to the National Health Service (NHS). This was reflected in the responses obtained by the 38-degree campaign. The government has made it clear that decisions on public services are always made by British governments, including devolved administrations, and not by future trading partners. Interactive analysis of HMRC regional trade statistics: Q1 2019 – Proportional counting method ↩ Both sides reaffirm their commitments as members of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and strive to ensure that their national laws provide for labour standards in line with internationally recognized working principles. The agreement makes it clear that it is inappropriate to weaken or reduce occupational health and safety at the national level in order to promote trade or investment between the parties. We recognize that gender equality is an important issue for the public. We also recognize that the impact of trade distribution can be gender-specific and that women continue to face barriers to free trade. DIT, public attitudes to trade tracker: wave 1, 2019. ↩ Schedule 3 of the HMG`s 25-Year Plan for the Environment contains a non-exhaustive selection of international agreements to which the UK belongs, aimed at improving the international environment. ↩ The interviewees were equally clearly willing to meet the UK`s high labour standards and to meet our international labour obligations in this area.

We share this wish and support an agreement that, in a way, promotes our own high standards and judicious protection of workers. We will also try, if necessary, to improve protection through our free trade agreements, such as the elimination of all forms of forced labour and modern slavery. Concerns were also expressed about the impact on jobs associated with increased trade with Australia. One of the fundamental objectives of free trade agreements is to promote economic and employment growth and thus increase the chances of British workers. Source: HMRC trade statistics by product code.

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