Apple Pay Merchant Agreement

To the extent permitted by law, you agree to keep Apple, its directors, executives, employees, independent contractors and agents (each a compensated part of Apple) of all claims, losses, debts, damages, taxes, expenses and costs, including, but not limited, compensated. legal and legal costs (cumulative “loss” incurred by a party compensated by Apple and resulting from or related to (a) activities of yourself or your related companies under these terms and conditions of sale, including, but not only, requests from end-users regarding your websites and/or goods or services offered through your websites, and (b) the authorized use of private label and other materials that you or your associated companies provide to Apple or your associated companies in accordance with these terms and conditions; provided that Apple informs you immediately of such a claim or is addressed to you in writing, gives you the right to defend or settle this claim or proceed at its expense. , and cooperates with you in the defence or resolution of such a claim or procedure. In order to avoid any doubt, you cannot enter into a transaction agreement or similar agreement with a third party without Apple`s prior written agreement, which affects Apple`s rights or binds Apple in any way. For transactions in EMV mode, Apple Pay supports the use of the Consumer Card Verification Method (CDCVM) using Touch ID, Face ID or the phone or watch password code. The use of CDCVM allows the device itself to provide verification for the transaction and may not require the cardholder to sign a receipt or between its PIN. In addition, the use of CDCVM in some markets that have a contactless limit with contactless cards (for example. B the $45 limit in the U.K. and the $100 limit in Canada and the 300SAR limit in Saudi Arabia) may allow merchants to accept transactions in excess of these amounts, with their terminal software updated to support the latest contactless network specifications. [17] In order to test, provide and improve Apple`s products and services, and only if you use Apple Pay Web APIs to access the Apple Pay platform, you recognize that Apple and its subsidiaries and agents and agents can collect, use, store, transfer, process and analyze related information from the Apple Pay platform (together “Collect”).

Some of this information is collected in a form that does not identify you personally. However, in some cases, Apple may be required to collect information that you would personally identify, but only if Apple believes in good faith that such collection is reasonably necessary to provide: a) the Apple Pay platform; b) comply with legal procedures or requests; (c) to verify compliance with the terms and conditions of these conditions; (d) prevent fraud, including the investigation of possible technical problems or violations; or (e) to protect the rights, property, security or security of Apple, its developers, customers or the public, as far as the law requires or permits. By accessing or using apple Pay Platform, you recognize and recognize that Apple and its affiliates and agents are allowed to collect and use all of this information, as stated in this section. In addition, you agree that Apple may share diagnostic, technical and usage protocols and information (excluding personal data) with third-party partners and developers to enable them to improve their products and services that work on or in conjunction with Apple-branded products. Data collected under this Section 11.1 will be processed in accordance with Apple`s Privacy Policy, which can be accessed on and will be included in these Terms and Conditions.

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